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hello. welcome to nhk "newsline." i'm keikichi hanada in tokyo with the latest at this hour. >> the prime ministers of japan and mongolia agreed to ramp up bilateral cooperation covering issues like resource development at a partnership agreement. prime minister abe arrived in the capital on saturday. he met the mongolian prime minister. abe said japan is happy to support mongolia's growth. japanese technicians will help fight air pollution, for example, and aid construction of
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a subway. the two talked about regional issues and sharing natural resources. nhk world's reporter has more details. >> reporter: the priorities on the brief visit to mongolia is to keep north korea and the china in check. the japanese prime minister wants to add mongolia to his growing list of economic partners. he made it clear that japan will support mongolia's growth. abe is also focused on boosting japan's energy supplies. he offered to give mongolia technology in exchange for natural resources. >> translator: mongolia is rich in resources. while japan lacks resources but
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has high technology, if we cooperate it will be a win-win relationship for both countries. >> reporter: the prime minister referred to north korea. he asked the leader to support the bid to resolve the abductions of japanese nationals. the two leaders touched on china, mongolia's neighbor. abe indicated china's increased military presence and asked mongolia to understand japan's standpoint. nhk world. >> north korea's state-run news agency put the region on alert saturday morning with an announcement. it said the north entered a state of war with south korea. the statement said officials will handle all issues between the countries according to wartime regulations.
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it said north korea will immediately punish any provocation by force without prior notice. u.s. citizens were also warned of an attack on their mainland. north korean officials recently nullified the 1953 armistice agreement with the south and cut off communication between the country's two armies. kim jong-un's latest move comes in response to the u.s. and south korean military drills with nuclear capable bombers. north korean officials are expected to call a meeting of the korean workers party central committee soon. leaders are planning to convene the parliament on monday. a south korean defense spokesperson said his country won't accept pyongyang's threats. he said south korea will strike back against any north korean challenges. >> translator: north korea saying they've entered a state of war with south korea is
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unacceptable. such threats are harming peace and stability in the peninsula. >> south korean reporters have noted intense activity around the north's missile launch site. southern troops are working closely with the u.s. to monitor north korea's military movements. the foreign minister says japan should collaborate with other countries to dissuade north korea from provocation. >> translator: japan has to work with the international community to press the north to refrain from causing further trouble. >> he said his ministry will investigate the meaning of the north's statement which said they're in a state of war. white house spokesperson said the u.s. takes the north's statement seriously and is working closely with south korea. the spokesperson added the move is the latest in a series of north korean threats. a huge landslide occurred at
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the tibet mine region of china leaving one miner dead and 82 missing. reporters said rocks and mud slid over an area of three kilometers on friday. the mine lies in the maizhoukungar county, 70 kilometers from lhasa. more than 3,000 police officers and firefighters are using construction machinery and search dogs to find the buried. so far one body has been recovered. rescue crews are also battling against altitude sickness. the area is 4,600 meters above sea level. chinese mining activities have spread in the tibet autonomous region where materials like gold and copper are abundant. american chamber of commerce
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in china said about one quarter of u.s. companies surveyed by the organization report they had sensitive data leaked or stolen. the beijing based organization surveyed 325 u.s. companies in november and december last year with questions about the business environment in china. according to the survey about one quarter of the respondents said their data was leaked or trade secrets stolen. only 10% of the respondents said they are considering using so called cloud computing services in china. such affordable data base services are quickly spreading among corporate users, but many firms cited concerns about data security as the main reason they would not consider using cloud computing services in china. the chinese foreign ministry says the findings of the survey by the american chamber of commerce are groundless and contain false accusations.
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>> the world bank plans to hire more japanese specialists to help with disaster management and health care systems. japan has many experts in these fields which are essential for developing countries to achieve stable economic growth. the world bank will send its recruiting team to japan in april to carry out job interviews. bank individuals say they have about 800 applicants for a handful of openings. >> translator: there is a lot of potential knowledge and experience in japan that is useful for global development. i would like to hire various specialists and use their skills to benefit the world. >> japan is the second largest financial contributor to the world bank but japanese staff accounts for only 2% of its work force. billions of locusts that have infested madagascar are
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tearing through crops and threatening to cause severe food shortages. united nations representatives say they need $41 million to fight the plague, considered the worst since the 1950s. vast swarms of the insects began sweeping through the island nation last month. u.n. food and agriculture organization officials say locusts have infested more than half of the country. they warn about 60% of madagascar's population could be threatened by hunger, and they estimate about two thirds of the country's land will be affected by september if no action is taken. u.n. officials say they need $22 million by june to fight the plague with large-scale aerial spraying campaign, and they want an additional $19 million to implement a three-year anti-locust campaign. up next, the world weather forecast.
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>> that conclude this is edition of "newsline." i'm keikichi hanada. on behalf of our team, thank you for staying with us.
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